“BotanINK” Statement

BotanINK is a series of botanical studies that aim to imprint the memory of a specific moment in the never-ending process of change and evolution. The pieces are an ode to the constant growth and transformations botanic organisms go through daily, as I wonder how their growth relates to our (human) way of living. BotanINK is a non-judgmental window into a form of life that is wild and steady, finding its way peacefully.

I am drawn to plants and their intrinsic ability to find their way, non-stop, quietly yet steadily, to being strong and fragile at the same time.

My creative process is organic and different every time. BotanINK pieces are not born from an intellectual revery, instead they are an intuitive response to materials. Texture and color play a fundamental role in the preparation of surfaces. Then, each piece has its unique process, coming to life once the ink finds its natural rhythm. As I paint and draw, the detail in the lines and dots, the sizes and widths, grow organically in the painting, representing nature itself.

I embrace the fact that a painting is only complete when somebody other than the painter is experiencing. The viewer’s perspective is key, this is why that is why I love altering a piece changing elements, like color, scale, size and details, it is ok, we are all different, we all adapt. I believe artworks could adapt to.  I aim for that.

To see some of the work in this series visit BotanINK Portfolio










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