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… Synchronicity…

I am proud to invite you to the opening reception for Synchronicity at Secession Art & Design, a  3 person show featuring both work from my new series Nothing and Everything as Andreina Davila and the collaboration I am doing with Ytaelena Lopez as /eE.Io.s/, along the work of Renee DeCarlo Johnson. “The show explores the connection between these artists and the… Read more »

/eE.l.os/ #workinprogress website

Ytaelena Lopez and I are excited to present our temporary website for our collaborative work: Please be patient as some links go to nowhere and the flow can be a little non-sensical. An improved version is on the works.    

#I Am] Statement

[button link=”” color=”black”] Complete the Survey: What do you Identify with?[/button] Latin for “I”, Ego is the sense of self that is constantly attempting to define our personal identity so that we can distinguish ourselves from others: the set of labels or forms used by our minds to build identity. Who Am I? (Quien Soy?)… Read more »

# SOMOS] Statement

An un-opinionated visual tale of our existence. What do we do to make sense of our existence? We see and explain things through our own perspective, making up (or deciding) our own version of what is real. ¿Quienes SOMOS? (Who are we?) With #SOMOS I want take a stab at tackling big philosophical questions about… Read more »

Call to collaborate – [I Am], Is all about YOU

How: By Completing This Survey you can describe one thing you deeply identify with. It could be a thing, a thought, a person, an emotion, an experience, a role, a place, etc. Something that YOU IDENTIFY WITH so DEEPLY with that you feel it represents part of yourself. I.e. motherhood, freedom, love, place, a health condition, body, a… Read more »