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Hi all,

As you can see, I have a new website! It is a work in progress since I still need to add more content, including paintings, new statements and events. But we are going live today! Here are some of the features I love about the new site:


  • Portfolio: you can see a fancy new slider with my Recent Series. In the Portfolio page (even in the homepage) you can observe my most recent work and/or current series together, with the ability of filtering the pieces by series. You will notice that I have a lot more work on BotanINK since it is my oldest series, but I will be adding more new pieces from the “I am” and “Places” series in the near future.

Art Portfolio

  • Details, Texture and Social Media: When you open the Portfolio slider, you can easily browse between close up images of the pieces to better appreciate their detail, texture and color. IMPORTANT:  When you click on the “See the Entire Piece” link or on the tittle of each piece on the slider, it will open in a separate window that allows you to appreciate  the whole image in a bigger size, and inquire about the piece, like it on Facebook, pin it to Pinterest and/or leave comments right there.
  • Statement… evolving: More like a journal than a static statement, I am planning to write about my creative process and how it is always changing and adapting as I paint.

Portfolio Slider (open), click on the tittle or link bellow to see the entire piece.

Social Media Integration: @andreinadavila Instagram feed

  • Events slider: I have to populate it yet, but the slider at the top of the site will offer simple access to news and events. In the coming weeks I will stay relatively quiet in terms of events, since my main priority is to create new work and build up a larger inventory for my newest series.

Events Slider: Home Page

Please let me know what you think, or if you have ideas on how to make it better, by leaving me a comment below. Hopefully it is not too late to implement them,


Andreina Davila

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