“I am” Statement

“I am” is a series of portraits in which the face and its expression are NOT the subject; instead they are representation of moods, abstract concepts, those very intense moments in life when our feelings are so powerful that we become what we feel… and at that ephemeral point in time WE ARE what we… Read more »

“BotanINK” Statement

BotanINK is a series of botanical studies that aim to imprint the memory of a specific moment in the never-ending process of change and evolution. The pieces are an ode to the constant growth and transformations botanic organisms go through daily, as I wonder how their growth relates to our (human) way of living. BotanINK is… Read more »

BotanINK Prints + Studies (FAQ)

Here some of the Frequently Asked Questions I get about my BotanINK Series prints: What are Giclée Prints? How do you make them?  Giclée prints are high quality digital prints that use professional inkjet printers. For mine I use an 8 color HP large-format printer, with fade-resistant, archival HP Vivera inks printed in fine art EPSON somerset velvet or Watercolor… Read more »

New Start: I am ready now :)

This week is an important one in my life. It is the first one that I am no longer working as the Creative Director of  the Diabetes Hands Foundation, the non-profit organization I co-founded, along with my husband (Manny Hernandez) five years ago. I have been preparing for this change for more than a year, and the last few… Read more »

In The Forest

A collaborative interactive installation like no other by East Bay artists: Andreina Davila, Drew Dara-Abrams, Claire Tompkins, Kaitlin McSweeney, Chrysta Giffen, and Susanna Davy. With the much appreciated technical support of Adam Scradam. Visit In The Forest, for more infomation and photos.   In The Forest, Interactive Installation. Reception from Andreina Davila on Vimeo.  … Read more »

The Bubble Wrap Room

An interacive installation that took part at the amazing Mama@23HAM event on the magical evening of May 1st of 2010. MAMA, organized by my amizing friend Kaitlin McSweeney, stands for Meet Artist, Manifest Autonomy, was a warm and wonderful nigh where more than 20 resident artists of 23HAM displayed their work on the wall, and… Read more »