FAUNA: a series by /ee.l.o.s/ collaborating with Ytaelena Lopez

Open until June 24, 2015, I am happy to announce that our new series FAUNA is part of Opal Moon Fauna a 3-person show curated by Chrysta Giffen at Art Thou Gallery in Berkeley. The artist reception is June 13, 7-10 pm, and I would love for you to join us!



Zorro (Fox) Mixed Media 8”x8” – 2015


This is a very special show for me and my dear friend, artist Ytaelena Lopez. “Opan Moon Fauna” showcases the first 12 painting of our new series FAUNA. This year, Yta and I are finally materializing projects after months and months of brainstorming and preparation with the creation of our 2-person collective /ee.l.o.s/ (phonetic pronunciation of Hilos, which means “threads” in Spanish). Ytaelena and I are both Venezuelan and share many other things, from motherhood to a profound love for art and creative expression. Our artwork, while driven by different objectives, shares visual elements like the use of lines as a way of representing and celebrating life and movement.



Oso (Bear) Mixed Media 18” x 22” 2015


Our collaborative process is as follows:
  • I work on the background of the piece, as a natural extension of the abstract work I have been doing for years in my series botanINK.
  • Yta takes over and intervenes the piece, integrating an animal life into the abstract habitat I originally painted.
  • Once Yta is done, I take the piece back, and integrate everything.

The result, FAUNA, is a celebration of the richness of our animal kingdom, real and imaginative.


Chigüire (Capibara) Mixed Media 18” x 22” 2015

This is the 3rd project we work on together:

We are excited to see where the FAUNA series will take us, and to extend this collaboration to other media and projects.


Caballito de Mar (Seahorse) Mixed Media 8”x8” 2015



Iguana (Chameleon) Mixed Media 18” x 22” 2015



Elegantes (Elephant) Mixed Media 48” x 60” 2015



Delfines (Dolphins) Mixed Media 8”x12” 2015